Thursday, May 26, 2011

10th board examination result showing sites

Hi! here are some sites which shows the 10th board results. the results would be showed at 27/05/2011 at 10 am.
These are some sites:-





Sunday, January 2, 2011

People who changed Computing:

                                                     ROBERT "BOB" M.METCALFE
One man is the reason you're able to transfer gigabytes of data over your local network. That one man's name is Bob Metcalfe, and He's the father of Ethernet-the reason you can connect to another PC for work,and for play.
      In march 1973, Metcalfe, along with his colleague David Boggs at Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre(PARC),developed the system which we now fondly call the LAN. The official "day the Ethernet was born" was May 22,1973,though November 11-the day it actually worked-would be more accurate. He was awarded the IEEE Medal of Honor in 1996 for the development, standardising and commercialisation of Ethernet.
    Metcalfe studied Electrical Engineering at MIT,and followed it up with another form MIT's sloan school of Management.
  After leaving PARC Metcalfe founded 3Com Corp-specialists in networking hardware. In 1990.he left 3Com to become a columinist for Infoworld, before becoming a venture capitalist in 2001.Today, He's the director of Pop!Tech-a technology conference he co-founded.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Internet Bashing

Everyone agrees that despite the many short comings of the Internet, there are many or plenty of things that you can do online. Among the things that are counted as good is e-voting where you don't need to queue uup in a polling booth to exercise your democratic rights. You get the vote even if it's raining, democracy wins and everyone are happy.

     Except for a former polish prime minister. Jaroslaw kaczynski apparently thinks that the internet is satan's workshop and people should not be allowed to vote online. In fact he seemed to be worried about the youth population and felt that the pre-dominance of porn, along with beer would cloud their judgement and they would mistakenly hit the wrong button. He thought that manipulating people online is easier than, say, in a public meeting where you run the risk of getting rotten things thrown at your face.

 Ironically these remarks were published not in a news paper or in a TV show but in a web page. Besides it's not that Kaczynski, was a technophobe. In December 2008, he had set up a video blog so that he could connect with the people. So what could be made of the latest bout of Internet Bashing? Maybe, like other politicans he was just playing to the gallery, which in this case consist of a cult which had sworn off the Internet and whose votes he is coveting. Crazier things have happened in politics.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog tips while you earn money in Adsense

Actually first of all my advice is please don't feel bored of typing articles. The more you type articles, the more the visitors you get. Actually Adsense is the most trusted site paying money. So rules, terms and conditions would be strict.So please take time every day at least a hour at home in typing articles.

Here are some tips to be followed
* Please type at least two articles per day.            
* Type articles that would attract people much.
* Never forget to type the keywords.
* Never worry that you are earning less money as it the starting.
* Highlight the key word (example:- TSUNAMI ) simple thought but attracts more people.
* Find what field people like (example:- government) and type articles related to it.
* While giving some information if it is terms and conditions, use some other color (example:- COPYING)
* Don't type articles different from site's heading as this may irritate the readers and they never ever visit again (example :- typing Global warming as heading and typing this is my ice-cream shop never relates)
* Images add beauty to your page.
* Grammar, your style of English should be proper, if your visitors found errors in spellings then they would represent them in comment box and there would be a fight between you and your visitor.
* If you don't have more visitors heaven sake reply to a comment. This would make the visitor visit again and again.
* Ask questions like what to do? is this right? etc. This would allow the readers to comment.
* Don't type more pages as visitors are always busy in time and do not read what ever you type.
* Type an article which attracts and have a HIGH QUALITY BLOG.

Do you any extra blog tips which is not here? Do you have a perfect site? How did you made it?

Earn money by posting articles in English

Do you want to earn money? Are you having doubt whether sites are genuine? I have a answer to all your questions. Once before 2 years I too had the same doubt as you have. This site is 100% genuine. Don't worry that it won't pay money.
                This is the link for that site:-
This site particularly favorable for Indians only. Any way you may refer the site if you come from any other country.

Terms and conditions:-

* The articles you type here should not be COPIED from other sites.
* You may refer other sites and type in your own words.
* You can access the articles here and use for Educational purpose only.
* You should type some information correctly.
* Wrong information about any products would not be accepted.

Try this site and share your thoughts here.....                      

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Steps to increase traffic in blogs

Increase Traffic To Your Blog For Free!

Most bloggers are out to find ways on how to increase blog traffic. There are several ways to get more blog traffic, both paid and free blog traffic. 

Here are some ways to get more blog traffic, which are actually free blog traffic:
* Have a prominent place in your blog for readers to easily sign up for your RSS feed.

* Make friends with blogs in your niche and leave quality comments on blogs related to your niche. By checking on, you can be notified each time a post is published by a popular blog in your niche. You can then be among the first to make a comment.

* Join and choose communities with which you can join to make friends. 

* Sign up your blog at and ping it once you update.

* Submit your blog to as many rss and blog directories that you chance upon, like starting off with

* Sign up with You can stumble your own post and ask friends to do so.

* Make a good review or a post of the top bloggers in your niche, and link them. Chances are, they will link you back.

* Sign up with Fill in your blog post’s exact url, the title, general summary text, and your tags. Submit this to as many social sites as you can.

* When posting in forums where you are a member, always add your blog url to your forum signature to attract visitors. It is good to have quality posts.

* Join and add a link to your blog.

One technique to get more blog traffic is by forecasting. Think about the searches that people will make in the search engines in the future, say a lead time of one or two weeks. Make an optimized post a week before an activity happens, say a hot boxing fight, using keywords that you think people will most likely use in their searches. By the time the activity happens, your blog is already indexed and ready for the search engines, while those who have just posted will need to wait 2 to 3 days before their blogs are indexed. The search engines will direct readers to your blog.

Another technique to increase blog traffic is to make the most use out of Technorati tags. Tag every keyword in your posts. If you are using WordPress, use its plugin called SimpleTags instead of tagging your keywords manually. By effectively tagging your post, your blog will get more attention compared to untagged posts, a great way to get free blog traffic.

Use trackback links to popular sites effectively. Make sure that you set up appropriate trackback when you make comments. This enables you to interact with the popular blogsites, and creates free blog traffic.

By using the simple hints and techniques above, you will get more blog traffic. Your hits could increase from a few hundred a day to thousands per month. With this free blog traffic, very soon, your blog will come out of the Google sandbox and you will receive serious traffic, and even loyal readerships.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Steps to get comments in your blogs

These are some tips for you to get comments in your blog.

1.Ask! – Ask for people to comment, you are more likely to get comments if you ask for them. Sometimes people do not know it is ok to comment. Just because there is a comment form does not mean people automatically feel worthy to post a comment. The higher the profile of the blog or the less the person feels they “know” the blogger the less likely they are to comment. By “giving permission” they will feel more entitled to comment.

2.Seed - Like a tip jar, people sometimes need a hint, get friends to comment to start the ball rolling and you might open the floodgates. On some blogs people like to be first, on others there is a hesitation period where they do not want to expose their opinion to early.

3.Ego - People like to talk about themselves, provide the opportunity. They might not be experts in the topic but we are all experts in our own experience and we all know what we like. You know the famous phrase about everyone having an opinion. Sometimes it is nice just to give people the opportunity to brag.

4.Links - Bloggers and webmasters are always on the lookout for link opportunities. They might not be your ideal kind of comment but they might encourage others that it is ok to feedback. Allow link drops in your blog comment settings and do not use nofollow so the link visibly has value.

5.Hint - Open questions are the best to get great quality answers, ie. “What do you think?”, but  they can be intimidating. If you struggle to get comments it might be easier to give simple leading ideas for what people should say, eg. “Do you agree?”, “Are you for or against?”. “Yes, no, me too” are not great responses but at least they are a sign of life! 
Restraint - Resist the urge to make your posts too complete if you want to receive community input. That’s one of the great things about top ten lists, you have to stop at 10! Don’t put everything into the post, especially if you know your audience has certain expertise they are bursting to share! 

6.Usability - Sometimes people don’t comment just because they can’t! Make sure the comment form is obvious and easy to use. Also do not take the visitor to a different site in order to comment. The very worst culprits for this are the hosted services that not only take you to another site, they use a popup to do it. Why not inflict actual pain while you are at it? 

7.Open - While a blog with a true membership is more valuable, if you are having difficulty getting comments open up your comment settings to allow comments with out registration. We can get away with requiring registration because we knew we would get the comments, consider carefully if your blog can get away with it too, many can’t.

8.Topic - If you want to attract comments then you have to pick your subjects. Some subjects people just do not have an opinion on, others you can’t stop people talking about. Current affairs are good but it needn’t be contraversial, politics and religion get people talking but can also send your blog down a path you might not want to go down. Press peoples buttons. You can endlessly recycle some topics, others are shortlived.

9.Observe - Note the topics people often comment on, there might be a trend. Just be observant. Be on the lookout for topics people comment on and write about them.

Not every post needs to get a ton of comments but if your blog hardly ever gets a single comment then it will look unpopular and start a downward spiral. Hopefully using some of these tips you will turn it the other way and create a positive community snowball affect.

Now your turn, what do you think of these tips? Have you any other ideas? What has worked for you? Is there a topic that consistantly gets comments on your blog? Let us know!

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